In the UK:

Period poverty is a widespread issue in the UK. The main problem is lack of awareness and the wider issue of periods being a neglect subject in the society.

We are running a Feminine Hygiene Bank in Oldham – Greater Manchester. We provide feminine hygiene products to girls and women who are struggling financially. We are working in partnership with different organisations that help the community across Oldham such as: Churches, Food clubs, Public places (Librairies, leisure centres…).

We are also working in partnership with schools across Oldham to see how period poverty can be tackled, and to see how every school across Manchester can have feminine hygiene products available for girls who need them in school.

In Burundi and Uganda:

We collaborate with different schools across the country and distribute feminine hygiene products (disposable and reusable) to the  girls who can not afford them. 

For the reusable pads, we work in partnership with a certified company based in Kampala – Uganda called AfriPads, to be able to reach to as many girls and women as possible. One packet of reusable pads can last the whole year if it’s well taken care of.

In Rwanda

We collaborate with schools and provide the equipment for the “Girls Room”.

The “Girls Room” is a room provided at every school in Rwanda, and it is an obligation for every school to have it. The idea of the “Girls Room” was created to help reduce the number of girls who drop out of education when they have missed school so many days in a year because of lack of Sanitary products during their monthly period. The room is available to be used when girls get their monthly period while in school. The Girls Room helps to avoid the risk of girls leaving school and missing their lessons. The schools can also decide who to help with sanitary pads if they need to take them home. Statistically, the Girls Room helps approximately 150 to 200 girls a month.

The Girls’ Room has one room with two single beds, one toilet, one shower room and a stock room. We provide the Girls’ Room equipment for the schools we work with 2 to 3 times a year. We provide: Sanitary Pads, toilet paper, body lotions, shower gel, underwear, shaving razors and towels. 

Empowering women - Bringing the community together project.

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Togetherness can bring happiness to others, and a sense of belonging to women. This helps them to discover the light and abilities they never knew they had. 

We organize different activities that bring women together. In Oldham – Greater Manchester, we run physical activities such as (Zumba, Step aerobics, Hiking….) to help with mental health and physical well-being. We also run a program called “The Self-Love Table”. It’s a program that brings women from different background together; to promote diversity, to discuss about self-love, to have fun and socialize.

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