A lot of girls in some poor countries find it very hard during their menstrual cycle when they don’t have an underwear. In so many cases, girls use a part of a cloth to create the shape of an underwear and use it during their monthly periods. For that reason, our organisation includes at least three underwear in the sanitary kit that we give to each girl.

Sanitary Pads

We provide both disposable and reusable (washable) sanitary pads. In our first distribution, each girl receives a sanitary kit of disposable sanitary pads which last for three months. After every three months, each girl receives new sanitary pads.

Our organisation helps to keep as many girls as possible in schools by providing reusable sanitary pads. The reusable pads are given to the girls who don’t have any other alternative of what they can use during their monthly period.

Some of the girls used papers from their schoolbooks, banana fibre and newspapers in place of a sanitary pad. The reusable pads that we provide to the girls, can reduce the risk of infection, they are comfortable, they allow the skin to breath and they are much more absorbent.

We provide at least four reusable pads to each girl and they can last for more than six months. They have the wings that snap to secure the pad when placed on the underwear, they are easy to clean, dry quick and stain resistance.

Shaving Razors
We believe that Our Pride and Dignity matters, and that starts from feeling fresh and clean.

This is why we take in consideration that a shaving razor is the most essential item a girl must have.

GPD Foundation proudly explains to the girls the reason why it is so important for them to shave their private parts and underarms hair.

We clearly explain to them that sweat mixed with hair results into bad odour.

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